Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nekole and Mayer

When this plate did its magical-moment thing, turning from negative to positive, when dipped in the potassium cyanide bath, all three of us gasped "WOW", as if on cue.  It was such a great moment.  And, while many shoots are somewhat laborious in terms of trying to perfect a particular idea, this one came out beautifully on the first crack.  A few more notes about this plate....

We were in a public space, just underneath the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.  The fog kept rolling back-n-forth, putting the bridge in-and-out of the picture, as if God herself was just not sure whether the picture looked better with the bridge in the background, or without.  In this plate, she chose without.  I kinda liked it in, but one doesn't argue with mother nature.

Most readers of this blog will know that I'm a big fan of naked women, and a particularly huge fan of Nekole in her birthday suit.  But we were in a public place, and I wasn't going to propose to her that we do anything too revealing.  (Plus it was cold!)  So imagine my pleasant surprise when she volunteered, "Can we do one with me naked on the back?"   Me: "Uhhh ... OF COURSE we can!!!"  And this shot came out next.  Mayer rocked it too, with a perfect pose.   The other plate that really stood out from the nice collection we made that day was this one....

The technical notes are pretty simple -- Dallmeyer 3B, stopped down to f8, at one second (there was a very surprising amount of available light!).  But I owe a big thanks to Mayer for helping throughout the day with set-up and clean-up and transporting the gear and bike around.  It was truly an all-day effort.  Thanks Mayer! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What a great session this was.  After each plate, one or the other of us reacted with, "Now this one is my favorite!"  I love when that happens.  I used my Ross 12-inch f3.5, dating from about 1870.  Gorgeous lens.  The small spots you may see on the third plate are the tell-tale signs of using collodion from near the bottom of the jar -- technically imperfect, but I kinda like the insta-tarnish effect.   Thanks for looking.