Sunday, November 1, 2009

Angel de Managua

This seniorita recently moved to San Francisco from her home city of Managua, Nicaragua.  And I think she speaks better english than I do!  A delightful and beautiful young woman is she. 
For this shoot I hooked up an angel wing that a friend gave to me from out of his dusty prop closet.  Up close, the wing is pretty nasty, although it is made of real feathers.  So I tried to keep it just beyond crisp view.  I have both wings, actually, but I'll save the double wing job for another shoot. 

From a technical side, the shoot went smoothly.  However, I did get one plate that had a million "comets" on it, which I've posted below (second one).  Also, the winter is upon us.  These exposures were 14 seconds (down from a high of 1 second in mid summer in central California), which gives you an indication of the drop in UV light through the seasons.  Such long exposures really test the model to keep still, and inevitably you get movement on most shots.  c'est la vie (a nod to cafe selavy there ;) 

I wish I could relate how great these look in-hand -- nothing beats a solid layer of silver for visual impact (screw ink).


  1. In spite of the "comets," I like the second one for that one eye looking directly into the camera, hand on hip, direct and proud and yet expressive of other emotions, too.

  2. Thank you! That one is my favorite too. The technician in me is embarrassed by the flaw, but it is the best image, I think. Also, it is one of the few that we were able to get a sharp image on the eye (no movement), which also adds to its appeal for me. Anyway, thanks again. Ed

  3. I think the comets just add to the uniqueness of the image, the 2nd one is also my favorite. I'm amazed you can get such sharpness with those long exposure times. I'm in awe.