Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This gal is the last of the Jewish Persians, exiled from her home and land by the righteous ones.  And now a resident of East Oakland.  Talk about a change in scenery!  At any rate, I adore her disposition and her looks, each au natural.  Truly, one of the things I most like about my hobby is the opportunity it provides to meet such interesting people.  And the Yahudi (a term in farsi for persian jew) has been a special treat.  I hope to shoot with her again soon.

Fortunately, there isn't much to report on the technical side.  The day went well.  These are all full (or whole) plates (6.5" x 8.5" inches) at 14 second exposures.  You can see in the bottom image the effect of the depletion of alcohol in the developer (as the 190-proof alcohol fumes out of the bottle over the course of the afternoon) -- without the alcohol, the developer beads up, as it is, how would you say, chemically adverse to the composition of the collodion.  You see it happens in the bottom-left of the image, which is the far side of the pour (I pour from the top right), showing that the effect is compounded by the time the developer makes it across the plate.  I don't mind the effect it has in this image, as it doesn't interfere with the optical focus of the shot, and gives that unique hand-made look. 


  1. You are my hero. Today, anyway. That costume, that face. . . I am sick with envy. The second and fourth are my favorites. I know you'll have a book someday soon. Sell me 8x10 prints, eh?

  2. quite a leap for a model from such a tight culture to pose like this

  3. If you need more Persian Jews... there are plenty over here!! (Beverly Hills)

    This model is great, striking face, lovely.