Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rachel Abby

Because wet plate was invented in the early 1840s and came into the mainstream later that decade (overcome in large part in the 1870s by dry plate), it seems that in America at least the process will always be associated with the Civil War, as soldiers got tintype portraits of themselves and photographers made ambrotypes of some of the battle locations.  I'm not aware of any "pin-up" type plates that may have been made, but had they been made I'd like to think they may have looked something like this... 


  1. Hi Ed,

    this is really a beautiful plate AND model !!
    keep up the good work.


  2. I am such a fan of Rachel Abby - she does such interesting work. I used to follow her work on Model Mayhem, remember seeing this image on there as well (good work, by the way) but then she closed her account on there. Do you have any idea where one can continue to view Rachel's portfolio? If you know, can you please mail a link to