Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rock n Roll, aka Robert

I was sitting in my house, thumbing through old albums, when I came across a live Doors record that I bought used a while back for a buck.  I wasn't sure I'd ever played it before, so on it went  OMG, the "break on through" track was awesome!  WAY better than the sanitized radio version.  This was Jim Morrison yelling wacky weird shit in the mic.  Like jump outa the stuffy chair, pump the Krell, and hop around the room with the dogs looking at you funny, kind of awesome.   Wow.  It brought me back.  For some reason, it reminded me of sitting on the garage floor getting good-n-drunk with my buddy Robert, listening to a little piece-o-junk boom box, smoking camel lights, seriously rocking out, and ogling our motorbikes talking about where we'd take `em tomorrow.  So, here is a picture of Robert, in honor of that good memory.  While not a particularly "handsome" shot of the man (who looks a lot more like Daniel Craig, in his better moments) you'll note that he looks good-n-healthy here.  That's because he was smart enough to cut the booze and start endurance training.  So, he runs 100 milers, while I run 3 milers!  Oh well.  At least we still ride motorbikes together!  He's a good man, and one of my best mates....

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