Friday, September 11, 2009


One of my best mates, Jon Terra.  We've been buds since grade school, and he's aged very well, don't you think?  Jon had come over one day and I asked him to quickly sit for a plate.  I only had a bit of collodion left in a jar, and most of the ether had already escaped from it.  So it was much more gooey on the pour than it should have been.  Also, you'll notice here, and on the other plates, that there is one "pour off corner."  The pour off corner is, literally, the corner of the plate that you choose to pour off the excess collodion.  The pour off corner typically has lines of excess collodion coming down into it.  When this collodion is not fully "fixed," and it often isn't, these lines come out blue in color in the end result.  In the plate below, they are more like blobs than lines, because my collodion was so think.  Actually, I didn't think this plate would come out when I shot it, but it did.  yeah!  Finally, I usually try to place the pour off corner in the lower part of the resulting image (though everything is reversed an upside down in the camera, so mistakes happen).  Here's one of the few where it is on the topside....

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