Friday, September 11, 2009


This shot is a bit risque.  But I like it.  C Kudos, the model, is so calm and self-assured that it was a just a great pleasure to work with her.  We were looking at some of my photo books (I have a lot) and decided to take as a launching-off point a shot by Robert Maxwell.  (Robert Maxwell has some gorgeous wet plate work, and is a top fashion and portrait photographer).  We took a number of different plates of this pose.  I like this one best.  We spent a long time trying to get the hand just right over the knee.  I think this shot has a nice combination of a classical pose, modern props, and of course the tintype aesthetic overall.  You can also see the effect of using a focal-length lens that is shorter than for its intended plate size, i.e., the blacking-out of the perimeter, which I think works well with this image (and has the added benefit of putting into almost-obscurity the modern seat she is on).

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