Wednesday, September 23, 2009

V's New Look

I've wanted to shoot with V for quite some time now.  She's got a great figure and her portfolio had lots of cool artsy shots.  So when she made it to the area and said she wanted to shoot with me, I was stoked.  And, lo and behold, she'd just shaved her head!  Wow.  Opportunity Knocking!  The top one below vaguely reminds me of the famous Avedon shot of the (Davis) guy with bees, but mostly because I just saw his show at the SF-MOMA (mixed bag in my view, great shots but too much of the same -- American West shots by far the best of the bunch). 


  1. She has a spooky Nosferatu thing going on about her. Great body, interesting in total.

  2. you have some gorgeous work. i have been wanting to try wet plate... you are giving me some inspiration, thanks!